Episode 47 – Fuck Bees

In which our heroes mourn the passing of Prince, plan for Skynet’s inevitable rise to power, visit a hipster restaurant and get very angry about bees.


2 thoughts on “Episode 47 – Fuck Bees”

  1. Honey is not bee vomit. They have a chamber in front of their stomachs called the honey crop where they carry water and nectar. It has no digestive bile in the crop so honey is not bee vomit even though it’s a funny GIF and idea. They do add beneficial enzymes to the nectar. They dehydrate plant and tree nectar down about 10 fold to 18% moisture or less then cap off the cell with wax and it will stay good “forever” sealed. It might crystallize. Raw real honey will crystallize the fastest. Some nectar sources crystallize faster than others. From your friends at Hat Trick Honey (USA Pennsylvania)

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