Episode 146 – Gangster’s Wives Special

In which our heroes buy booze and talk about Gangster’s Wives, the greatest film yet to be made


5 thoughts on “Episode 146 – Gangster’s Wives Special”

  1. Incredibly stupid “movie” idea from an incredibly sick, delusional idiot with a stupid fake stage name. He has spent the better part of 20 years pretending he’s a gangster and movie mogul. No film called “Gangsters’ Wives” will ever be made. I would love to get on your show and poke fun at Myke Macino. I have endless material.

  2. More Lies and Envy, get a job asshole. Myke is owner of three companies, you post in a false name of course your the loser.

  3. Probably one of the dumbest movie producers of all time. No film hasn’t been made from this guy. I remember him quite well. He ripped off quite a number of people just to fund his film. Very strange guy. He used to work at a barber shop. Very stupid as well.

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