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Episode 119 – Ruddy William Special

In which our heroes are fucked up on gin. William from Suffolk is the esteemed guest. They try to do some maths and are generally incoherent.


Episode 26 – A Totally Offensive Individual

In which our heroes endanger their lives with meat. Graham interacts with bigots, Adam moans about Windows 10 and Dan thinks about Muppet sex.


Episode 19 – Eating Beef Bacon

In which our heroes finally cook and eat beef bacon and the world’s most Yorkshire man turns up for no reason that’s any of your business, if I invite strangers into my house while I record a podcast then that’s up to me. Get off my case. My daughter talks on it too because I couldn’t be arsed to edit it. Just be glad we’ve even bothered to do this episode you bunch of bloody ingrates.