Episode 20 – A Journey of Terror

In which our heroes are bored by a computer game trailer, Adam teaches us about the world of My Little Pony fandom, Graham plays the worst song ever recorded and Dan makes cake in a mug.

If┬áthere’s something wrong with you and you want to see the links referenced in this episode then fill your boots:

Concentration Camp Ponies:

Pony Lube:


Horrific Filth (DO NOT CLICK ON THIS):




Episode 19 – Eating Beef Bacon

In which our heroes finally cook and eat beef bacon and the world’s most Yorkshire man turns up for no reason that’s any of your business, if I invite strangers into my house while I record a podcast then that’s up to me. Get off my case. My daughter talks on it too because I couldn’t be arsed to edit it. Just be glad we’ve even bothered to do this episode you bunch of bloody ingrates.


Episode 18 – Daniel Mercer Memorial Episode

In which our heroes get progressively more drunk, Graham asks which rapper likes which crisps, Adam desperately tries to talk to everyone about Fast & Furious and Dan dies in a motorway pile up