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Dungeons and Dickheads: Season 2, Part 3 – Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy

In which our heroes do bad things with glove puppets and end up where they were about two and a half podcasts ago.


Dungeons & Dickheads Season 2: Part Double Zero

In which our heroes mourn. Graham and Chris go on a pub crawl and anger some “monks”, Dan does some tedious admin.


Dungeons & Dickheads Season 2: Part Zero

In which our heroes go on a side quest. Graham and Gemma are nowhere to be found while Chris and Dan hunt for treasure. Everything goes wrong.


Dungeons & Dickheads Part IV

In which our heroes get into a bar fight. Dan does some tedious admin, Chris tries again to shit himself and Gemma & Graham drink way too much gin and don’t remember the latter half of the recording.


Dungeons & Dickheads Part III

In Which Graham and Gemma share a microphone, Gemma has a sex dream, Daniel leaves our heroes to escape from prison and Christopher plays a secret game for the amusement of Christian from Scotland.   Christopher then kills a guard in a very troubling way and then they all go to the pub.

Bard music is by Jack Wright,