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Dungeons and Dickheads IN SPACE: Episode 6

In which our heroes reflect. Dan gets drunk, Chris falls in love with paperwork, and Graham tries to seduce a grieving woman.

This is the last episode in the current campaign of Dungeons & Dickheads IN SPACE. Thank you for listening and we’ll be back soon! In the meantime why not have a listen to The Dice Chronicles Podcast and see if they can fill the void we’ve left in your life.


Dungeons and Dickheads IN SPACE: Episode 5 – Part 1

In which our heroes rush in. Someone gets shot, someone gets tied up, and someone briefly contemplates pissing on a bed.

This episode was originally over 3 hours long so we’ve split it into two parts. Part 2 coming soon!


Dungeons and Dickheads IN SPACE: Episode 1

In which our heroes arrive on Tycho Station in search of space drugs. Chris makes a new friend, Graham threatens several people, and Dan attempts to bribe everyone.


Dungeons and Dickheads IN SPACE: Episode 0

In which our heroes prepare to embark on a new adventure. Dan is a space Tory, Chris works to bring down the government from within, and Graham really wants to punch someone.

The game we will be playing is The Expanse RPG from Green Ronin


Episode 61 – Christopher from Dorset shot Harambe

In which our heroes plot a terror attack, build a robot octopus and interview Christopher from Dorset for a grown-up job.


Episode 3 – Occult Powered

In which our heroes slander a billionaire, battle and ultimately destroy the forces of evil, and strangle a badger